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Starting Day 3

It is not easy making time to send these updates.  While we have not been that busy with ministry yet (that begins tonight for us), we have been busy meeting people and sharing life in Indonesia.

The jet lag is a brute.  It certainly can get the best of you.  We barely were able to keep our eyes open till 7 on Wednesday night and then last night we didn’t even go out to dinner until 7:30…needless to say the table made a good pillow for the girls to sleep on (see pic here)!

Some highlights from the second half of day one and all of day two.

  • The kids love the food! (see pic here), they have been saying that every meal is their favorite so far.  Think that is a good thing!
  • The roads take a bit of getting used to…certainly at night.  The motorcycles fly by you with little kids on with two adults.  It is dizzying to look at and you constantly feel like someone is going to die in front of you.
  • We have been inspired by the vision of ICA Surabaya.  From the 100 photo frames on the walls representing the churches they are planting to their heart for young people and raising support for them to further their education after reaching them for Jesus.
  • Jenna discovered “Lizzy”.  That is what we named the lizard that hangs out near the kitchen AC unit.  Needless to say she had a bit of a meltdown due to that.  I will try and post the vid later, but you can pray for her embrace of the 4 legged creatures that visit.
  • The US dollar goes far here…about 11,000 to 1.  So yesterday I spent $35,000 on a quad Americano.  That Add Shot was $5,000.  Painful, but fun.
  • A member of ICA invited us to use her pool at an Apartment complex.  The kids were refreshed as was I.  It was interesting as the pool had steps going down, three steps, but when you got to step 4 it was a 6 ft. drop.  Caught the girls by surprise a bit for sure.

Today we are making some gifts for everyone here that we brought with us, called Ole Ole, prepping for a youth leadership talk to some outreach teens, and finishing prep for Sunday’s talk.  Tomorrow we go to the graveyard ministry outreach and are excited to begin being busy reaching out to people!


We made it

Nothing like traveling for 3 days of your life.  That pretty much sums up our experience thus far.  We left our home just after 10pm on Sunday and arrived at the Taylor’s beautiful home in Surabaya at 12:30am on Wednesday.  We only traveled for 36 hours of that.  Confusing huh?  Well that is what our bodies think as well.IMG_9892

You can track some of our photos on my Instagram as we have wifi I will post the iphone versions of what is happening.

Fun notes from day one included:

  • The first 12hour flight was a piece of cake.  We were worried about that one the most, but it actually went quick.  (The landing was another story as we came down into a very powerful lightning storm.  You could see it out of the windows IMG_9902and when we landed it was loud booms and crackles.  That got the girls a bit scared and nervous)
  • The lay over in Taipei took more out of us than we thought.  We didn’t know where to look for food, so we found ourselves eating some muffins and hydrating a bit. We were tired, so we found some seats and crashed.  After that we found the more restful space on the 4th floor of the airport and enjoyed ourselves a bit more as Preston and Jaiden were a big hit with the locals.  IMG_9945Their waving, dancing and interactions were photo material for those passing by. We moved around every couple hours of the 13 we were there to help pass time and the play areas in the mall portions of the airport were perfect.
  • The storm was so severe that many flights were being delayed and cancelled so we were almost positive our trip was going to become a lot longer than we desired, but somehow by the grace of God our flight was the first one on time out of the hour or two preceding it.
  • We made is safely into Surabaya, Indonesia on time, but Dana and I had slept so deeply on the flight that we didn’t even have our immigration forms completed.  The culture showed itself as the plane came to a stop.  All of those on board shoved their way to the front of the exit of the plane.  It’s a cultural thing to shove and cut in line we were told, so we were supposed to just shove back and say “permisi”.  Well, we didn’t do that…we kindly let those go before us that were in such a hurry and exited the plane last.  But they thought everyone had gone by the time we reached the exit door and found ourselves locked in a hallway for a bit.  IMG_9961The Indonesian authorities figured out how to get us out of there and on our way but it was kind of funny.
  • When exiting they didn’t give us a bad time at all about why we were here or what was in our luggage.  Sometimes they do for westerners, but we had much grace there.  We made our way outside to a mob of people from Surabaya.  It looked like a crazy crowd waiting for Justin Beiber to exit the plane, so they must have been bummed to see us!  LOL
  • The car ride from our very hospitable hosts was quick and easy.  We were tired and crashed without even taking the time to figure out the wifi to tell people we made it.
  • We slept good and woke up ready to get the day started with sermon planning team meeting and Dana headed out to do some shopping for food.  We saw the church and had some really good food.  The girls said we need to eat there often because they love noodles.
  • In the church we saw a wall where they have 100 photo frames and the first 28 have pictures of their completed churches.  I posted an image of #29 on my Instagram…we will be building this one in 3 weeks.  And have a place on the wall of vision.

Well…going to hang with the family today and get an early night to bed before hitting the ministry roles tomorrow.


The Impossible

Seems like every week I hear an impossible story of someone finding their way to God.  Last night I snagged a Red Box movie to watch with Dana and it was an emotional one for sure.  The Impossible is a true story, I cannot fathom the depth of loss and pain those suffered who were a part of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand, but this movie grasps some of that pain.

I could not help but ponder while trying to go to sleep knowing that the unexpected is just seconds from any of our lives.   Continue reading The Impossible

Until there are stories

I found myself saying this while teaching at a bootcamp for church planters called Starting Point this past week, “until there are stories, we won’t truly know if people are on the mission with us”.  Focussing our churches on leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus through whatever expression of that they see best fit for their context, city, etc; we really never know if it is working until we have stories.

  • Stories of life change
  • Stories of behavioral impact
  • Stories of influence
  • Stories of love in action

I feel blessed to have stories in my life, but have a greater passion every day to capture the stories of those we are leading.  In fact, I get greater pleasure out of hearing the stories of those active on the mission, than sharing those of my being active on the mission.

So…here it goes.  What are your stories?  Stories of connecting, serving and sharing your life and the gospel.

Ten Bites In

Last week I opened a box of Kix and poured a bowl full to begin my day.  About ten bites in…surprise! I saw something out of place in my bowl amidst the circular corn goodness, it was a 4 inch long yellow twistie-tie.  The yellow plastic kind with a wire interior.  This was just the beginning of my “Kid’s tested mother approved” moment. (and let’s ignore the fact that I had already had 10 bites in this picture…I know I exceeded the one cup serving size suggestion!)

What should one do when in this peculiar position? Tweet about it,

"Ten bites into my Kix, I find this! GENERAL MILLS what's up with that"

in fact, this was an instagram moment linked to both Twitter and Facebook for instant life sharing photo goodness.

Just one hour following my post I received a message Continue reading Ten Bites In


To wrap up our series at Open Life on living with “Margin” we created and showed a documentary about the financial beginnings of the church two years ago.  It’s the story of how we chose the approach of strategic generosity and how it has made an impact within the community.  After watching this you can see why it is one of our key cultures at Open Life and how it is making such a huge impact within the city and even setting an example for other cities as they take note of our story.  Here it is:

As the video wrapped up we concluded verbally with two things in our live service: Continue reading Documentary