Scheduling & Fees

Sessions are normally scheduled once every two weeks for 90 minutes.  As marriage preparation and weddings are not considered part of the compensated duties of the church I pastor, Open Life, nor are they affiliated with the church in their scope of operation or hours expected of pastoral staff, we encourage our pastors to receive compensation directly, outside of Open Life’s involvement.  That said it is per the pastor’s discretion what they will charge, but the following is the recommended guideline.

The fee of $30 per hour is the current rate recommendation.  Our materials Prepare Enrich encourage at least 5 90-minute sessions plus an initial consultation, which comes to $270.

Payment: Fees are payable in advance $45 per session or ½ down ($135.00) and 3 additional payments of $45.00 ($270.00 TL) while full advance payment receives 10 % discount. Cost for the Prepare assessment is $35 (other Profiles and extra books recommended will be optional and an extra charge).

Cancellations and no-shows: A $25.00 additional fee will be charged for no-show appointments, or for those canceled with less than 24 hours notice.

Refunds: Refunds are given if your wedding plans are canceled and will be refunded on a prorated basis.

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