Seems like every week I hear an impossible story of someone finding their way to God.  Last night I snagged a Red Box movie to watch with Dana and it was an emotional one for sure.  The Impossible is a true story, I cannot fathom the depth of loss and pain those suffered who were a part of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand, but this movie grasps some of that pain.

I could not help but ponder while trying to go to sleep knowing that the unexpected is just seconds from any of our lives.  The urgency and beauty in this story within the movie should be able to be illustrated weekly.  The lives of some presumed dead upon this planet are just waiting to be found.  People of faith should never stop our urgent pursuit of the not yet followers of Jesus.  Our stories will move people, the pain healed will bring passion to the apathetic.

Don’t give up, don’t assume the worst, assume that life will be found.  Assume what Jesus assumed…the role of seeking and saving the lost! Luke 19:10

One of my favorite lines in the movie…”DON’T JUST SIT AROUND HERE, DO SOMETHING”