I found myself saying this while teaching at a bootcamp for church planters called Starting Point this past week, “until there are stories, we won’t truly know if people are on the mission with us”.  Focussing our churches on leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus through whatever expression of that they see best fit for their context, city, etc; we really never know if it is working until we have stories.

  • Stories of life change
  • Stories of behavioral impact
  • Stories of influence
  • Stories of love in action

I feel blessed to have stories in my life, but have a greater passion every day to capture the stories of those we are leading.  In fact, I get greater pleasure out of hearing the stories of those active on the mission, than sharing those of my being active on the mission.

So…here it goes.  What are your stories?  Stories of connecting, serving and sharing your life and the gospel.