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Don’t rush through life

Disneyland really got me thinking: My heart is exploding with inspiration lately.  Truly can’t explain the passion that is welling up within me at every turn and it is not coming from the expected sources.

You would think the word, prayer and church would be the source of inspiration and transformation, but how about Disneyland, Movements like Kony2012, and just taking note as we go through life.

The latest thing that has me thinking was our recent trip to Disneyland.  Continue reading Don’t rush through life


To wrap up our series at Open Life on living with “Margin” we created and showed a documentary about the financial beginnings of the church two years ago.  It’s the story of how we chose the approach of strategic generosity and how it has made an impact within the community.  After watching this you can see why it is one of our key cultures at Open Life and how it is making such a huge impact within the city and even setting an example for other cities as they take note of our story.  Here it is:

As the video wrapped up we concluded verbally with two things in our live service: Continue reading Documentary

Who has the greatest reward?

I love stories of life change.  The impact simple actions of love can make in the lives of others.  Some come out of deep relationship and trust built over months and even year’s of time, but others need hope right now.  They need a divine intersection with someone who has the simple courage to put an opportunity for hope and purpose within their path.

This morning I watched this testimony below. It’s worth all 12 minutes of your life to view it, trust me.  It is the depiction of a person at the end or their hope, ready to end their life, who by divine chance received an invitation to church.  Believe it or not she comes and it’s not the service, or the message that captures her, but a person in the lobby.  Watch…

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You are born an original don’t die a copy!

The last two weeks I have taken in some great conference talks, Team Church 2011, and The Global Leadership Summit.  I am still sorting through all the massive amounts of inspiring and insightful principles that were brought to clarity through the various communicators.  Seems God always expands my thinking during these conferences and ideas begin to flow.

One thought that came to me in my car will not rest within my head.  A passage from the Bible came to me with a different application than I had ever applied. Continue reading You are born an original don’t die a copy!