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Join the conversation

Seems like every week I engage in a conversation with someone about life, marketing, business and faith.  Some of these are actually in person, but often the conversation begins with something that was projected via a talk I gave, blog post, tweet or comment on a facebook post.  Either way, the key to recognize is our communication begins a conversation.  We must understand that the one way communication of yesteryear is over Continue reading Join the conversation

Leading by love vs. legislation

Before reading, choose not to be offended…just process this, get your brain thinking!

Obama made a big step today by sharing his “personal opinion”.  It just so happens that his personal feelings actually do affect more than just him, but that is beside the point.   His statement in support of same sex marriage was in response to a ruling yesterday in North Carolina defining marriage as between a man and a woman and upholding a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

As a bible believing Christian I am completely familiar with this subject, especially when pastoring a church called Open Life!  I believe every word written in the bible and it leads me to understand Continue reading Leading by love vs. legislation

This was a first!

This week I did something I have never done before, and it is for the benefit of soo many!  I preached my Easter message to our pastoral staff at Open Life.

What would make me do something like this?  Simple: I want to reach the broadest audience with a very clear, memorable and creative talk that adequately brings people from all backgrounds to a place of comprehending what Jesus did through the cross and resurrection. Continue reading This was a first!

Don’t rush through life

Disneyland really got me thinking: My heart is exploding with inspiration lately.  Truly can’t explain the passion that is welling up within me at every turn and it is not coming from the expected sources.

You would think the word, prayer and church would be the source of inspiration and transformation, but how about Disneyland, Movements like Kony2012, and just taking note as we go through life.

The latest thing that has me thinking was our recent trip to Disneyland.  Continue reading Don’t rush through life