Was just asked “if I associate with those types of people”.

In short, I said, “YES!”  I am honestly shocked that this question could even be asked by one calling themselves a Christian.

In the Gospel, one of the first records of Jesus life, Mark 2:13-17 it makes the mission of Jesus clear.  He, as well, was questioned by the religious spirited people of His day the same as I was today.  There is something that over time distorts the mission of Christians that makes them think their role is to only be with those who live a perfect life instead of impact the lives of those who need Jesus most.  This is not a biblical practice, but a comfortable one, actually based on fear of contamination or impurity, not motivated by love at all!

I want to challenge Christians out there to re-examine the gospels, Acts…your mission.  It is not to be separate, exclusive, and void of contact from the real world.  You are to be the genuine representation of God in our world today.  How can you love those you don’t know?  I challenge you to live a life guilty of the accusation, “of associating with those types of people.”