Philosophy & Approach

Six step process to the preparation for the wedding.

  • Getting acquainted and gaining an understanding of the desires that brought you here.
  • Completing 5 Feedback sessions guided off Prepare Enrich survey results.
  • Supporting you and helping you work your plan for the wedding day.
  • Evaluating our progress toward your goals.
  • I don’t expect to perform the ceremony.  (If this is desired an additional appointment will be necessary plus the hours for rehearsal/wedding should be added to this agreement.)

Throughout these stages I desire to walk beside you with love and wisdom, to help you move into a greater sense of intimacy with each other based off your life journey thus far.  I endeavor to instruct with biblical wisdom, exploring with you, when applicable, how the Scriptures can shape our understanding of our relationship, our strengths, our problems and their solutions. Although I may offer guidance, I do not impose my understandings.  I invite you to seek your own answers within a biblical framework.


I place a high value on confidentiality. My professional ethics prevent me from discussing what is said during sessions with anyone other than participants in the process, or from releasing any records without your/their permission.

From time to time I participate in peer review and case consultation with other professionals who are also bound by the same ethic of confidentiality. I do this so that our collective knowledge may help me provide you the best services possible. I do not disclose names or details that would allow identification of clients during this process.

There are certain exceptions to confidentiality in state law. If exceptions such as the following apply in your case, I may be required to report information without your consent. These exceptions include, but are not limited to:

  • Cases of medical emergency in which I may need to share information to help your physician or other skilled professional.
  • Cases involving serious offenses such as sexual abuse, child or elder abuse (physical or sexual), or threat to the welfare and safety of yourself or others. We are subject to laws of mandatory reporting in these instances especially when minor children are present with the perpetrator or involved.
  • Cases involving legal action, such as defending myself against a lawsuit or when subpoenaed by a court of law.

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