Marriage Coaching/Preparation

You’re planning a wedding and wondering how to get an officiant to do the wedding.  This page will guide you through the process.  Hope this is helpful for you to facilitate the best experience prior to and up through your wedding.

With all the details that come at you prior to the wedding the officiant thing is a stress point, as well the marriage coaching/preparation is always a sticky element to process how much and what is the benefit to cost etc..

Wanting to help couples, I have been certified by Prepare Enrich to guide couples through a proven assessment that if completed can help the marriage stick by 30-70% higher rate over those who forgo the per-marriage preparations that this system provides. In addition, we can walk through a powerful pre-marriage coaching called Merge. This will help you build a marriage and not just plan for a wedding.  Whether this is your first or a subsequent marriage, this is a great resource for you.  Through the tools provided and the exercises we will walk through to improve your relational skills you can work together to create a more satisfying relationship.

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