The last time I cut one of our kid’s fingernails was 8 years ago.  @DanaHuff just reminded me.  Yeah…there is a story with that.

We were on a bus in California on a summer Missions Tour with the youth choir from Eastridge Christian Assembly.  We were on a quick meal stop and Jenna scratched herself on the face from one of her nails.  I grabbed the little clipper thing and while clipping Jenna’s nail she did a quick flinch and off came the end of her finger.  Yeah, it was just a flesh wound, but it bled like crazy and from that experience I have never taken the clippers to one of my children again.

I just couldn’t handle seeing my child bleed at my causing, when I am supposed to be the one who keeps them safe and secure.

That said, John 3:16; Colossians 1:19-20 clearly says that God sent His son to take our place by the shedding of His blood on the cross.  How could God do that?  What a painful process to overcome the sin of the world.  And for that story to be told around the globe everyday must be a painful reminder of the price that was paid and is rejected by so many as they choose to live their life their own way instead of the best way.  Guess it’s hare to grasp that there is freedom in surrender!

All I was doing was clipping nails…Jesus took the nails in his hands and feet!

My Prayer: God let us be faithful in sharing the message in such a way that it connects with those who have yet to comprehend the price that was paid for the grace that is for all!  Soften hearts that they may hear it, and choose to follow you!