Seems like every week I engage in a conversation with someone about life, marketing, business and faith.  Some of these are actually in person, but often the conversation begins with something that was projected via a talk I gave, blog post, tweet or comment on a facebook post.  Either way, the key to recognize is our communication begins a conversation.  We must understand that the one way communication of yesteryear is over and when we say something it resonates and comes back to us in the interactive world we now dwell in.

Where is this thought coming from?  A reading of the book “You Lost Me” by David Kinnaman and a conference he hosted in the Northwest I attended yesterday.  One of the next generation leaders he had share some insightful thoughts with us was Brandon Schultz.  He shared about the change from shouting our message past the noise of the next generation and the new way of interaction where we communicate our message to the person and they give us feedback.  The noise still existing, but now we have awareness, both good and bad from the consumer if you will.

This means we need to develop a fresh perspective on communication.  We cannot expect to toss our idea out there and have it stick.  Our ideas go out, and come back and go back out and come back.  We are not communicating as much as starting a conversation.

Food for thought…and just for those of you who think you don’t need to be on social networks to be relevant…think again.  You are missing the conversation, but then again if you are not on these sources you are probably not reading this.  LOL