Is the church the best place for us to experience God?  I was in a conversation this past week when that assumption was made and something in me said, “no”.

I never got into this thing called full time vocational ministry to give people an experience on Sundays, but to allow them to experience the fullness of life promised through a personal relationship with Jesus, the Son of God and giver of all grace and eternal life.  As I have proceeded through 13 years of full time ministry I have discovered for most students and adults alike the most powerful experiences were not in a service environment, but in a serving environment.

Think of your own life experiences, did you learn more in a meeting, class room or lecture or did you discover the truth about what you were taught out in life when it was time to apply it?  Do you experience football by looking at films in the locker room or getting out on the field into a live situation with the opponent.  I believe the most powerful thing we can do to allow people to experience their faith in God is to live it out daily.  Be actively open to moments where God can bring the hope of life through actions of love that demonstrate the power of a growing relationship with Jesus.

Philemon 6 says we discover the fullness of the faith through being active.  Maybe we need to do the same thing America needs to do with our health…get off our butts and become more active.

Then we will experience what the faith can truly do in and through our lives and in the lives of those we do life with!  The best place to experience God…life.