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Youth Ministry

Some of the best days in my life are those while leading youth ministries.  I loved the highs and lows and constant passion that the younger generation displays.

Open Life hired a youth pastor a few days ago and while getting him in the community and exposing him to the possibilities the dream comes quickly back to the surface of making Jesus known to every student.  What would happen if every student in our community would experience the true message, life, hope, peace, and most importantly love of Jesus?  What would be possible if Continue reading Youth Ministry

Praying for Workers

The Bible is so true, “the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few” Matthew 9:36-38.

This past weekend was one that will go down in the books. It was filled with God filling in the blanks in areas that were unexpected, but beautiful.  Those moments that give you tears to remember and tears to be a part of.

Our pastors and spouses made our way to a home for our annual Staff Advance.  We looked at questions like:

  • What are your dreams for the future of Open Life? Next year…5 years from now…?
  • How is business?  What is attached to our 32% retention ratio and rapid growth?  Continue reading Praying for Workers