Disneyland really got me thinking: My heart is exploding with inspiration lately.  Truly can’t explain the passion that is welling up within me at every turn and it is not coming from the expected sources.

You would think the word, prayer and church would be the source of inspiration and transformation, but how about Disneyland, Movements like Kony2012, CharityWater.org and just taking note as we go through life.

The latest thing that has me thinking was our recent trip to Disneyland.  For those of you who have gone, you know that it is crazy expensive and the shorter time you go the more you can save, right?

Our family made the decision to say, who cares about the cost (figuratively speaking, you know Dana)…let’s go for a week.  Everyone told us 4 days max, but no we wanted to soak it in and went for 7 days!  Sure the tickets cost a fortune, but the lesson learned was worth every penny.  Don’t rush life!

Dana and I snagged the books from the library that would teach how to Disneyland in 2 days.  I truly think they entirely miss the point.  It would have been impossible to take the time to meet the characters, enter the shops, ride the rides, enjoy the shows and just purely relax.  We came home exhausted, and we were in the parks for 6 days!  Our family enjoyed every second of it!

We live in a world where people are just trying to check off the moments in life that are truly cherish able.  Let’s fly in and out of Disneyland and check it off the list is missing the experience and intent of the very nature of the parks.  It’s supposed to be the happiest place on earth not the most stressful place on the planet!

What would happen if you just slowed down a bit, take a look around you, and see what life has to offer.  Are you giving yourself to the most important things…your family, friends, faith, future…

Take a breath and take it in.  Life is to be enjoyed and is full of amazing opportunity to appreciate what God put her for our pleasure! 

Don’t rush life! Don’t just go after the greatest experiences in life as a check box.  Those doing life with you deserve so much more!