The Bible is so true, “the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few” Matthew 9:36-38.

This past weekend was one that will go down in the books. It was filled with God filling in the blanks in areas that were unexpected, but beautiful.  Those moments that give you tears to remember and tears to be a part of.

Our pastors and spouses made our way to a home for our annual Staff Advance.  We looked at questions like:

  • What are your dreams for the future of Open Life? Next year…5 years from now…?
  • How is business?  What is attached to our 32% retention ratio and rapid growth?  How can we improve our attrition level?
  • We laughed at our personalities and realized there is no hill too tough for this team to take head on!
  • Then we focused our efforts as we tackled making our dreams become a reality!

We sowed seeds of faith for a champion to feel called of God to relocate and raise up a region of leaders that would impact students in Middle and High School.  Yeah…we got really specific with this one!  Prayed for people specifically to join the team, by name; yeah…it’s out there. My last week was littered with conversations from parents that are desperate for help with their youth…they need someone who is chasing them and doing life with them.  There are some huge youth gatherings, but there is still no connection being made with the individual needs of a student.  Processing relationships, integrity, partying, pressures and the like.  We need leaders, active in students lives and a champion who will equip and lead them.  And so we asked for this from God…believing Him to turn hearts to the need through those who get it!

We developed a strategy for greater ownership of the mission of Open Life and how to honor those who are “active leaders” currently!  We believe everyone is a leader and want to sow into their lives as they engage the mission of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.  We honor their connecting, serving and sharing and this is making a difference in our community.

All in all I am ready to charge hell with a water gun!  Let’s kick some devil butt and begin to experience exponential growth for the years to come.  Every person is a story and every story is making a beautiful impact in our world.

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