Isn’t it funny how methods change?  Just a couple decades ago people would have thought it absurd to go to a movie, let alone meet in a Theatre for church.  But how much more would they roll over in their grave to see us marketing within the Theatre…

Open Life is going to be on the Big Screen!  Starting November 13th before every movie at the Regal Tall Firs 10 in Bonney Lake and the Longstone Place 14 in Puyallup you will see a 15 second commercial for Open Life.  You will also have a chance at seeing a spot in the Lobby twice an hour while movies are in play.  In an effort to increase the exposure of our launch in January, we will be marketing our website and service times in these two Regal Theatres.

Jesus would have been in the Theatre, so would his disciples.  He went where the people were, verses trying to get the people to come where he was.  What would it look like for us to take this same approach?  Open Life!  Paul stood up in the coliseums and proclaimed the gospel, and so will we!

We will be handing out candy there on Halloween from 3pm to 6pm…and we are pursuing Regal to let us hand out free hot chocolate to those in line for Big Release nights such as Twilight on the 19th of November at Midnight.

We want to be where the people are.  Although some may think we are losing our minds to go to this length, we think we have just lost our religious prejudice against the world.  We are to be in the world but not of it according to the prayer of Christ.  This puts us smack dab in the middle of the will of God.

So, was the previous generation wrong about their convictions about movies, tv, music?  Let’s just say their eyes were so strongly on holiness and purity, that they were fogged in about the mission they were sent out on, to seek and save the lost.  To go places and do ministry in areas that would necessitate prayer and intersession so that they would not be tempted.  Instead of going at the places that caused temptation, they eliminated risk and avoided certain industries and practices.  But this generation is willing to give of their lives for the mission of God.  Willing to run into the fire to save lives that will perish without our help.  We may get burned, but we will save some.

I honor the previous generations, but I also know that our methods have left us in a gap of irrelevance to this world we live in.  We are going in…with eyes wide open to the places of need in order that we may reach some.