What a great day at Open Life this past Sunday as we launched into our first official service for those who don’t go to church in Bonney Lake.  We had a fantastic turnout and the vibe as people left was one of great anticipation for the future.  120 people were there which was perfect for the space.

As we pursue the coming weeks we will be carefully watching our numbers and proceeding with the vision of moving into a larger venue within the coming months.  We currently meet in what is called theater #7, but theater #6 holds twice as many people and has more accessibility than does #7.  We wanted to start small and go Big.

In the coming weeks we will be unraveling more and more vision as we look at what defines us as individuals, what we mean when we say Open Culture, what is church “not”, and then conclude with the reality that someone is gonna get it (this whole Jesus thing).

I am still just on cloud Nine for the insight, input and encouragement we have received from those who were present.  We run the risk of this thing exploding and actually doing what we believe it is going to do…impact the lives of 80,000 people in our region, leading them into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Love this thing called the church…especially when done the way Jesus designed it!

Out of the church and into the community,