I am constantly reminded that we must go and redeem, vs. asking those in need to come for help!  Today I sat in a minister’s network and heard a passionate appeal by a local police officer who works with youth.  He addressed some of the staggering needs in the lives of our local youth.  One of the things he mentioned was very just and right sounding, but caught me later when I pondered on the actual solution.

One of the issues he addressed was the need for daycare for teen mothers who are bringing their children to the daycares at the local high schools.  He suggested that the local churches open their doors to the teen’s children for free in order to raise them up in the faith at a young age.  Launch daycares in the local churches.

As I took notes it sounded good, but then inside of me, God stirred the desire to be a conversionist and redeemer.  Being more present and not making those in need always come to us.

The more I have pondered on it over the past few hours a fire began to burn in me reminding me of the fact that we can teach all the Bible passages and stories we desire to these young children of teens, but we can proclaim the gospel just as clear by raising up passionate people who love much and would serve in the daycares that are already in place at the schools.  These will be the conduits for the love of God to reach both the child and the parent, the curriculum and location don’t matter as much as the Jesus shining through those within community.

Even as I write it is hard for me to express the depth of this conviction that burns within me from the Lord.  We must begin to infiltrate our cities and be the gospel present.  How will they know unless someone brings it to them?  Let’s not always think come and bring, but go and be!

Just a thought!