Have you ever sat in a pew with your Starbucks (has to be) Americano and thought, “boy I wish these things had cup holders.”  Well, it is looking like the Bonney Lake Church Plant will have just that.  We are in process to secure the Regal Tall Firs 10 Cinema for our Sunday gatherings.

The amazing thing we have discovered in recent days is that the Regal Cinema has a department called National Cinemedia with a Worship Solutions Team of 11 people who assist churches across the nation utilize Theatre spaces for Sunday gatherings.  There are currently more than 200 such gathering places.


There are very exciting benefits to gathering in a Cinema; it is affordable, spacious, and familiar to those we are attempting to reach out to in the Bonney Lake region.  A five mile radius shows that there are 91,000 people, 11,000 of those attend church consistently, and another 14,000 claim to be Christians, but do not regularly attend worship services.  All that to say, we have a pretty accurate picture of those we are purposing to reach with the gospel, 66,000 people who are far from Jesus.  And I would be pretty sure all of these people know where the Regal Tall Firs 10 is located.

So here we are in Bonney Lake, the home of three Starbucks…two stores and one within Target.  Plenty, to stop and snag an Americano and come to a church where you can put down the cup holder and enjoy a gospel centered gathering in a Cinema.  And as we exit there will be people entering for movies…the mission is right there in our foyer!


The more we think about it the more we get crazy excited.  Please continue to pray for us as we put together our core team, launch teams and begin to reach our neighbors through authentic relationships.

Jesus is truly up to something!