Interesting how much we can learn from those who have found success in a different but similar market in our region.  I recently watched the below video about what has made the Sounders a successful brand.  While I was watching it I couldn’t help but think about how many of the lessons in this video would be great if applied in church world.

  • partnership with those who have gone before us
  • collaboration
  • corporate centrality with originality at the presentation point
  • ambition
  • value of involvement and buy in
  • fan engagement and excitement
  • culture
  • giving the brand away to the people “it’s what they are doing”
  • “If your not connected then I think you are missing something”
  • how important is starting with the youngest generation?
  • organic promotion of the brand
  • how did they go from proven failure to a model of success?

Take a break, watch the video, be inspired to give it away and share the lessons you think the church could learn from the model of the Sounders.