Welcome Preston Thaddeus Huff

Children are a gift from God.  I fully believe this as our family welcomed into this world our fourth child, Preston Thaddeus Huff yesterday at 7:53am.

What a rush.  Dana and I said when we were dating that we wanted 4 children, but after many years of trying and doctors telling us it was impossible we continued to believe that Jesus could perform a miracle in our bodies and one time after another He has been faithful.

Preston is a gift and we surrender him to the Lord and believe there is destiny on his life.  Hope you feel the same for your kids!  Thanks to all who have sent kind comments on twitter, facebook, patch.com, texts, emails, and especially to those family and friends that make their way down to the hospital.  Love doing life together with all of you…your friendship and relationships are a treasure to us.

Enjoy my amateur photo and video skills.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Preston Thaddeus Huff”

  1. I so remember the time when after two years of trying and nothing happening ……. I handed over a baby outfit that I had purchased and prayed over…….I actually gave it away to a good friend because I had decided God was just not going to fill it with a baby. A year later it was returned to me for Samuel!! And then even Daniel wore it. And then I shared it with you guys and the twins came along…..I shared it with Shannon and Kelley Agnew next……they have two girls now. God is a God you loves to give us the desires of our heart. Blessings Huff Family, Becky Paul

  2. Congratulations to Preston’s Mom and Dad!!!
    Welcomed to the big Family!!!
    May the Lord Bless Your life and may you know Jesus and live for Him.
    I can remember when your grandpa Ray was born. I wasn’t very old but my Mom your Great, Great Grandma road a bus from Vancouver, WA to Yakima to see him.
    It was fun seeing your Grandparents holding you. You are a special and very blessed little boy.
    May the Lord Bless You and Your sweet family
    Love you very much,
    Your Great, Great Auntie Loa

  3. That was awesome to watch! Congratulations and thanks for sharing that wonderful first day of life!!
    Our own family memories flooded all of us!
    What amazing and blessed moments!
    Congratulations and can’t wait to meet the little man!!

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