This week I did something I have never done before, and it is for the benefit of soo many!  I preached my Easter message to our pastoral staff at Open Life.

What would make me do something like this?  Simple: I want to reach the broadest audience with a very clear, memorable and creative talk that adequately brings people from all backgrounds to a place of comprehending what Jesus did through the cross and resurrection.

Some older school preachers would be taken back by their staff suggesting changes to their talk, seeing the talk as some sort of untouchable oracle from God.  I do believe that what I say on Sunday’s is very much so a gift from God to the listeners, but why not make it more affective by taking input that will broaden it’s reach?

Truth is (don’t say “Amen” too quickly here) but some times I ramble, go on tangents and miss the point, and Easter is too important of a day in the life of the church to miss the mark.

Statistics say people will try church once every 7 years, if Easter is that moment where most will give it a shot, I don’t want to go on a tangent that loses the potency of the presentation.

The reality of the moment was that it was way valuable for me, and way awkward for some of our team.  But the insights and questions that arose were invaluable.  Honestly I can’t wait until I can do something like this every week to ensure our talks always connect.

To my staff, thanks for having the courage to voice your input…you guys are amazing and this Easter will be stronger because of you!