That branch will cost you, cut it off!  That is the suggestion by all the arborists on the radio at least.  They get that holding on by a thread is not the way to thrive.

Taking a walk last night it was amazing how many branches are just dangling from the trees.  For those of you outside the Washington area, we had a crazy ice storm come through last week and everything was coated with so much weight in ice and snow that it sounded kind of like the 4th of July as branches and trees popped under the pressure.

Now the landscape is littered with branches, but the ones that have me thinking are the ones that are still connected.  They are unhealthy, dangerous and could cost the tree it’s life if not removed.

So why, in life and organizations do we hold on to splintered branches?  Why when the storm comes do we cling to the splintered branches and try and keep them alive at the cost of the tree?  Cut the sucker off and begin growing again.  Reserve your strength to push forward to your future.  The tree that keeps the branch will either die or be stunted for the rest of it’s life, but if you remove the branch the chance of future production and fruit is exponentially greater.

That branch will cost you…remove it and you will be better off.  It may have been your favorite branch and most beautiful, fruitful but if left attached it will destroy you!  The art of pruning is of high value in life!