Just over one year ago I went to my first Chamber of Commerce meeting.  I was nervous and seriously would have rather plucked my eyes out with a blunt object, but after attending a few weeks I began to love the people and businesses of this great city called Bonney Lake.

Who would have thought that starting a church with the intent to be a benefit to the city would have lead to where I find myself today.

This past week it was official, I am now a board member for the Chamber of Commerce serving a 3 year sentence…I mean term.  And yesterday I found out that they have put my name in the mix for the role of Vice President.  Seriously?  Have you ever felt like you were going 150 mph into an amazing season of life?

And here is a crazy thing…I am speaking for the Bonney Lake Chamber Luncheon this Thursday and intend to blow everyone out of the water by adding value to their organizations through developing a strategic Social Responsibility Strategy.

January 10, 2010 we began Open Life.  We were driven to a cause to engage and impact the culture of our city by giving back generously to the needs of this city.  Time, talents and treasure.  Not even one year later we are finding ourselves in a position to not only produce hundreds of hours ourselves as an organization in our city, but exponentially make an impact by inspiring the business community to engage injustice in our city, region and world.

We desired, and still desire, to be more present in community than in congregational environments.  And our presence in community has inspired others within our city to join our mission way before they join our beliefs.

Honestly honored for God to continue to open doors for us to  impact our city, inspire the culture and can’t wait to see what is ahead as we continue to find the needs in our city and meet them.

Serving others blesses the giver and the recipient.  And people want to be about others more than ever before…lead the way.  Challenge inactivity and help those around you be a benefit to the cities they live in.  Let’s go from consumers to creatives for others in our cities.