Is the community reaching out to you as a follower of Jesus? Matt. 5:13

This question stays in my mind as I go about my day.  I don’t know about you, but I always reach for the salt at the dinner table.  There are just some things I assume need salt and so I reach out instinctively…usually before I have even tasted the food.  I know this is a bad habit, but it is just instinct.  Salt just completes the potential of the meals flavor to me.

Is the instinctive reaction of the community to reach out to followers of Jesus to complete the potential of community?  If not, we are not being the salt Jesus intended us to be.  Our priorities and behaviors must shift to be a value to the city God has placed us.  What can you do to become the salt of the world?

If you focus on connecting with people genuinely and not to fulfill your needs, but theirs, serve that need and then sharing in the responsibility to walk through life with them.  You will find that you have become the answer your community is looking for.  Col. 4:6