Recently we accepted an offer to go to Indonesia for a moth in the middle of August to pastor a church called ICA Surabaya.  We will be reaching out to this city, and traveling into some more remote spaces to start new churches, and even do a little medical missions as we just found out.

In just one week of going public with our trip many amazing and generous people have engaged the funding process to help us raise the needed money to buy our tickets and expenditures.

Today, three generous friends and business associates with Body By Vi, set up a matching fund challenge they call #gettheHuffstoIndonesia.

Here is how it works.  Body By Vi is all about getting healthy, gaining muscle mass or/and losing weight, they have challenged us to lose weight by giving us $100 per 10 pounds we collectively drop by the end of March, 2013.  Also, for every customer who signs up for the 90-day challenge with Dana or myself they will give $20 as well.  Three promoters of Body By Vi have jumped into this, so that means:

  • For every 10 pounds we lose we raise $300 for our Indonesia Trip
  • For every new customer on the 90-day challenge we get $60 for the Indonesia Trip

So now our friends can get healthy, and support our trip to Indonesia.  That is a win, win, win, win.

  • Win for those who get to lose weight with us
  • Win for us who lose our desired weight
  • Win for our Indonesia trip fundraising
  • Win for those in Indonesia that will be blessed by our coming and assisting in starting new churches and reaching out to those who need hope!

Get in on the matching funds now and #gettheHuffstoIndonesia.

  • Become a customer through Dana: HERE
  • Become a customer through Thad: HERE

Here is how it all exploded on Facebook today.

Ryan Pohlman – Dana Huff

 3 hours ago near Maltby, WA ·
Attn : Dana Huff and Thad Huff…. I’d like to present you with a challenge. I know you’re both doing a 90 day challenge with Body By Vi and have both had success losing weight. I also know that you are raising money for your missions trip to Indonesia. Here’s the deal…… Thru the end of March, every 10 pounds you guys are able to lose ( combined ) I will donate $100 to your trip. In addition, any customer to sign up under you for their 90 day challenge in this time, I will donate another $20 each!! Project : #gettheHuffstoIndonesia starts now!!!— with Jen Purga and Ranee Palacios.
Dana Huff Oh dear!! The challenge is on!! Who is going to help us and do something about their health and join a 90 day challenge? Let’s talk!
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Emily Olsen Tell me more!
3 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Thad Huff Guess I better start to excercise to go along with my ViSalus shakes…10lbs = $100 towards our Indonesian adventure. That is generosity!!

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Emily Olsen I won’t be Able to start till I get paid, I’ll let you know. You guys should start a face book group.
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Ranee Palacios Wow –I’d better get busy and see how I can help too!!!!
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Jen Purga Ryan Pohlman…I will MATCH your donation !!! For the 10 pounds and for the customers!!! xoxo
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Ryan Pohlman Wow Purga!!!!!
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Ranee Palacios OK—I will match that also! GO Dana Huff and Thad Huff
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Caren Van Kleek You guys ROCK!!! Team work for healthy bodies to serve an awesome God! ~ FANTASTIC ~
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Thad Huff This is crazy!! You guys are amazing!
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Jen Purga Thad Huff and Dana Huff…No pressure  but hey it is some motivation for you !
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Thad Huff You know we are going to make about $2,000 off this deal. Here begins the fun! (50lbs collective, 10 customers) It’s on! This is how sexy meets missions.
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Ryan Pohlman How about 50 lbs 30 customers?
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Dana Huff Oh my word! I better purge my house of sweets! Exercise here we come! Thank you Ryan PohlmanRanee Palacios and Jen Purga! I love each of you dearly and love your heart. We’re getting physically healthy and we are going to help Indonesia get spiritually healthy!