Have you ever wondered why Jesus wept over Jerusalem?  Was He an emotional wreck, what was the deal?

Truth be told, his love for humanity was so powerful he couldn’t help but show his emotion.  You see it on Extreme Home Makeover, Undercover Boss and Amazing Race.  People moved by the power of someone’s story, and the realization that they can be more than they ever knew, making a difference in this world.  It’s the realization that they can love people more than they ever realized possible.

Recently I have felt this deep love for Bonney Lake.  No matter the person, place or circumstances I bump into people…I just love them, want to serve them and add value to this city and region.

I love my neighbors, our neighborhood, our girls school, the parents we meet at the games, the employees of Starbucks, the Chamber networking friends I have made, those at the D & W Wine Cellar, the Mayor, the employees at Regal, and pretty much anyone I meet throughout the week.

I think the key is this, for the past year I have slowed down to actually meet people and not just pass them by on life’s journey.  I have taken interest in their lives and made time to learn from them how to better invest into this city and other individuals.

Another key, not just looking at what has been done, but what has yet to be accomplished.  I believe God has been doing great things for years in Bonney Lake, but looking ahead He desires to do a new thing.  Seems like every time I go somewhere there is someone who has been thinking about reconnecting with Jesus or trying to find out just what Jesus is all about.  The hearts of many are being stirred.

The core of our culture of church believes that if we will be those who exemplify Jesus to our community we are going to have to do it in new, relevant way but holding firmly to the timeless truths made clear through scripture.  If we will reach people who have never been reached we will have to do things we have never done.

Will we love enough to listen and learn the needs and ways of our cities?  Will we be strong enough to weep over those needs until we hear our directive from God to meet those needs?

You have to love to care, you have to listen to serve and you have to act to exemplify the love of Jesus to this generation.