So what are you doing for Easter?  What are your church’s goals for Easter? Interesting questions that make a pastor think.

Honestly, my Easter desire for every person in our church and otherwise is for them to celebrate the life of Jesus at church with a ton of others.  I know how amazing it is to invite someone to go to church, have them come and enjoy the experience they have.  Easter is the one day of the year, maybe even beyond Christmas, where that coworker, neighbor, or family member will come if they are simply invited.  And they will have a great day!  Churches like Open Life will take the time, and preparation necessary to make sure their experience is inspiring and memorable.

At Open Life we take special attention every Sunday for our guests, but on Easter we put even more attention on every small detail ensuring it has been considered for this important day in the churches year.  The love of Jesus must come across with such clarity, and relate to our every day lives like no other.  At Open Life I guarantee the inspiration will leave people breathless and wanting to come back for more in the weeks following Easter.

So, what is my goal for Easter for Open Life?  That everyone would bring One.  One family, one coworker, one person who has never experienced the life impacting message of Jesus.  It just becomes so clear on this day of the year how much God loves us and risked everything for us to experience a life that is worth truly living.  We are not trying to draw the largest crowd to brag to our other church buddies on Monday, but we do want every person who invited someone to be able to receive a huge thank you on Monday from someone who understands the love of God that much more due to their invitation.  I can never say thank you enough to the person who invited me to church, it took me years to come, but changed my life when I finally did.

This Easter, experience the life of Jesus, Open Life style, at 10am in Bonney Lake at Victor Falls Elementary.  And bring your peeps.