I can’t think of many more things that make my heart pump than being generous to those in need.  Even when they don’t express the need for that generosity, but it is found by relentlessly pursuing the places of felt need in our city.

Looking back over the past year my two favorite thank you notes are from Peek-a-Brew and Liberty Ridge Elementary.

We put some money towards a broken window at our local bikini barista’s establishment after noticing it had been broken by a large rock (yes, I was looking…it caught my eye due to the Caution tape and cones).   The moment I saw it, I thought about Jesus no throwing stones, grace and compassion.  I thought that the most important thing these women need is love, and what might happen if they experience the same love as that woman in scripture who was spared the rocks.  So we took a small gift to them, with a note of love and apology for whoever tried to take justice into their hands the wrong way.    Judgment doesn’t change people, love does.  I am all about this thank you note!

Never really imagined the fulfillment that would come from adopting a local elementary school and desiring to meet their every need.  It is still hard to convince them that we are here to supply when they have a need, but we have been able to do a few significant gives to them.  150 Thanksgiving meals, a basketball scholarship that touched many hearts, and Christmas presents for those in need from their giving tree.  I love targeting a demographic through a school.   Not only does word spread, but you love those who are most vulnerable in the lives of children.

Can’t wait to love more aggressively in 2011!

Big things are coming…even in a matter of two weeks.  Can’t wait to share it, but I am going to.