It’s amazing how one day can change the pages of history in our lives.  We wake up one day the same as the last, but in any given moment our trajectory can be drastically impacted by something as simple as a flat tire, car accident, health concern, food poisoning, winning the lottery, or choosing to follow Jesus.

The Bible is full of “one days” that are both good and bad, but nonetheless they changed the course of history.

  • Exodus 2:11 – “one day” Moses sees one of his own being beaten as a slave and takes action
  • Judges 16:1 – “one day” Samson enters the house of a prostitute
  • 1 Samuel 14:1 – “one day” Jonathan says to his armor bearer lets go to the enemies camp
  • 2 Kings 4:8-37 – “one day” a Shunammite’s generosity turns into the answer to her childlessness
  • The Gospels – are filled with “one day’s” where people were healed, delivered and taught the ways of Jesus
  • Acts 3:1-4:22 – “one day” Peter and John healed a man who was begging for money and sent the entire region in an uproar

It only takes “one day” to change the world! 

My One Day: I remember June 6, 1993 was my “one day” moment.  I was at a conference in Salt Lake City, Utah when I went to a Sunday morning service at the Delta Center.  It was huge filled with crazy people singing songs and being all motivated.   When the band began to share their story, my heart was doing something odd.  I could not stop crying.  It was not necessarily the story that made me cry, it was something uniquely happening in my heart.

With every word spoken it was as if I heard it, but was listening to something else calling me that I had never heard before.  I lost all sense of time, space and awareness of others around me and when this dude said people needed to come forward and invite Jesus into their lives…I didn’t move an inch.  But then, as if God spoke to him about me, he offered up a second call.  He said, “if someone is out there that is feeling your heart tugged, it is God calling you to himself.  Maybe you need a little help today to come respond to His call for salvation, so turn to the person next to you and ask them if they would go up with you.”

I don’t know what came over me, but I turned to my friend James and asked him if he would go forward with me and he said, “yes.” I jumped over the railing where I was seated in zealous response and quickly made my way to the front.  We prayed to invite Jesus into our lives and during that prayer I remember telling the Lord that my friend James was the first of many I would give my life to leading to Him.

That was my “one day”.  Someone was crazy enough to drag me to that Sunday morning service and now my life is drastically different due to my choice to follow Jesus and grow in a relationship with Him.  Changed my world!

This Easter, Open Life is planning a service called “One Day to Change the World.”  We can’t wait to see who is crazy enough to invite their friends into a safe environment with a world-changing message.

Who will experience their “one day” this Easter?  Someone’s life trajectory will forever be different because someone had the courage to hand a simple invitation to the most inspiring 70 minutes of his or her year.

How will this “one day” impact your life?  Who could you turn to and ask to go with you to experience their “one day?”  Don’t hesitate…make the invite today so people can mark it on their calendars!