Almost one year ago I blogged about what God was stirring in my heart, to impact the areas of culture from within culture and specifically the area of music.  Here we are almost one year later and we still don’t have a worship director at Open Life.  We have many gifted and amazing musicians and worship leaders, but yet to have that person who is all about impacting culture from within arts and entertainment. But the vision to find someone to come and impact the music culture of Bonney Lake and this region is alive and well and even more deeply rooted.

Here is that blog: From August 31, 2010

A season of transition always brings about a new dream.  Recently at Open Life we have had a transition in our worship team and a dream for the music culture in Bonney Lake was born.  I shared about worship Sunday, but there is something I wanted to say….that I didn’t have time to hit on.  Here is that something…

Ben Sorte has done an amazing job setting the culture, sound and environment for worship at Open Life in Bonney Lake, but life has led his family on as a job opportunity just too good to pass up has presented itself.  So in his exit deep prayer has begun, and where we listen to God He tends to speak.

A couple weeks ago Jesus really began to stir within me that we should not rush into replacing the role of worship for Sundays at Open Life, but consider the needs of Bonney Lake’s music industry in our decision.  As a church we have been pursuing the vision of being a place that unchurched people love to attend, but not just drawing them to us, but more importantly we would go and find ourselves amongst those who would not just come to church and do life there…amongst the community…with them.  You know…like normal people of culture verses a subculture.

I personally have experienced the excitement that comes with doing life in the city and finding the favor of relationships with those who do not go to church turning into great and rich conversations about the church and Jesus.  And yes, even some decisions to follow Jesus have resulted as well as various visits to Open Life.  It is amazing what can happen if you will prioritize a conversation instead of a congregation!

Here is the challenge I have felt from the Lord.  Why should music be any different?  Why should the realm of musical art and gifting be any different from that of communication and influence?  Why have we restricted the role of worship and bringing glory to Jesus to the 20 minutes before a talk on Sundays or maybe a service some other day of the week?  Should we not pour our passions for music into the culture as well as into the congregation?  So what does that look like for our circumstances…for our community of Bonney Lake?

I believe it looks like someone who is active in the music industry who would desire to see others develop and raise up to be great musicians in our city.  They would probably find themselves in clubs, schools, music lessons, and open mic nights just as much if not more than  they would be in the church.  People would probably find themselves drawn to the depth of their music and how well they communicate about life through lyric and sound.  Every song would not need to be about Jesus, but the life that comes through Him would certainly shine through their expression.

Then out of their being present within community and this region there would raise up a music culture that would be drawing.  Not just a sub-culture of Christian music and worship, but truly a leading edge of music culture within our city and region.  It is the essence of excelling in the creativity that comes from an all creative Creator…God!

My eyes are wide open as I make the ask to many musicians who have been brought to my attention through referrals or just by Jesus opening my eyes to their abilities.  While it is a season where we are all rolling up our sleeves at Open Life to fill the need of worship week to week we are not in a rush, because we feel there is a person who will come and make a huge impact in our church and region through the God given talent, creativity and passion for community.

The adventure is full steam ahead and I for one cant wait to see who  this person will be.  Jesus is certainly starting a unique movement in Bonney Lake, WA and I for one am privileged to be a part of the story!

Here is a video we made regarding being present in community: