kidstrickortreatOne word that drives me nuts, alternative. Something about the way I read the Bible leads me to believe I should be living life to the full and not living an alternative to life.

What brings this thought to the surface of my mind? Seems like every year we have conversations around the subject of what our church is going to do for an alternative. I tell people simply we are not about alternatives, but about being present with our community. We are about being present where life is happening and being a light right in the center of cultural norms.

That said…Halloween is not something to hide or develop a subcultural moment hidden away from our neighbors, but we should turn on the lights and welcome kids from the neighborhood to the door. Smile, meet people, encourage them.

We have a fire pit in our driveway. We make hot chocolate in large quantities and bless those who come to the door with a smile and crazy amounts of candy.

Recently I read a post from another great church in our region that resonated with me and I thought it would bless you as well, so give it a read,¬†CLICK HERE. And if that resonated with you…check out this article, Twelve Ways To Be On Mission This Halloween.

Enjoy meeting your neighbors and let the alternative events be blessed, they are just not culturally what I want to be a part of.  These cute kids above will be rocking the hood and we will be enjoying the relationships we develop through this redeemable holiday.