Sitting in Starbucks watching the invasion of people in suits and it made me begin my people watching pondering…funeral or wedding?  On second look it must be a funeral…on third look a church group.  What does your church look like?

Personally it’s not my style to wear a suit to church, does not make my church better or worse than the one that does, but it’s interesting to ponder.  I watch the 40 plus people in suits and dresses interact with others within their group and they are cordial, but there is no interaction outside of those dressed like themselves.

As I sit here in preparation for a message on community and the heart of God for authentic community in this generation I think we have to be aware of our vibe we are projecting when interacting within community.  Closed or open, sad or joyful, defeated or victorious, normal or foreign.  I don’t think the disciples were that different from the people of their day.  Jesus went to the house of the sinners and reclined with them as they enjoyed life, but yet was very set apart.

If your church went into the community, and had to interact outside the Sunday Service/Foyer/Class environment, what would people think?  Funeral or Wedding.  Makes you think.

Needless to say, I love my church, I love God’s church, and I want to see those who seek and follow Christ represent Him accurately in the world we live in today.  Be where the people are, in the world but not of it, turn outside your own circle of friends and meet someone who may need Christ more than we know.