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Open Life Changes Location for Sunday 01.13.13 – 10am 
Gathering will be redirected to Kevin & Christy Phillips house
3015 220th Avenue East Lake Tapps WA 98391

This Sunday Open Life goes 12th Man by encouraging you to be present with our community in one of two ways.

One, you come out to the fun 12th Man party we will be throwing at Kevin and Christy Phillips House in the Quiet Water Neighborhood (It’s easy to find across from Lake Tapps Island entrance – follow the A-frames or directions below). We will have coffee, Krispy Kreme donuts, Hawks Jersey Giveaway, BBQ burgers for lunch, and anything you bring with you to toss into the mix. There will be two rooms with HD Seahawks cranking and filled with the coolest people on earth.

We know some of you won’t feel you know anyone and be tempted to stay home, but this is actually more the reason to come. Let’s connect and get to know one another over a high five and screaming!

Or two, you can join with our community at places like Hop Jacks, Applebee’s, Midtown Grill, or even with your neighbors crazy ridiculous Hawks party and connect with them on a level maybe they didn’t expect.

Jesus was approached various times and accused of being a partier instead of hanging out at the religious temple. He knew moments like this are amazing for making relational connections, which lead to open conversations later. Well…we will do what Jesus did this Sunday

Are we going to preach at halftime? NOPE…we will be sending out the talk for this weekend on Saturday, which was actually pre-planned to be on the topic of connecting with God and each other. We think having a 12th Man party is a perfect way to connect with each other and do the message instead of just listening to it (God foreknew Seattle was going to be in this game…crazy huh!).

We have 50 more weekends to connect to God together corporately at the High School and we plan to make the most of every one of them just as we are this weekend’s unique opportunity. The message will be on Vimeo and you can watch it anytime this weekend so we will keep on pace within our Activate series!

Here is what not to do. Don’t stay at home in your whitey tighties watching the game while curled up on your lonely sofa with your fluffy cat named tiger.

God designed us for relationship so let’s engage in relationship this Sunday at 10am

Here is our goal. Last week we had 64 people in church. Our desire is that you, Open Life…engage more than 64 people in community by joining with others to watch the game. All the other playoff games are at later times and will not interfere with service times.

Doors open at 9:45am game begins at 10:00am at the Phillips house, see you then!

Phillips Family

Pastor Thad